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The Puma Man (1980) is one of the best "worst-movies-ever-made." Its a forgotten Italian-made T.V. movie in English inspired by the Superman Movie blitz.
Its about a brown slacks wearing super hero who can't fly very well and has "claw-strength" in his hands. The majority of the film takes place in London (actualy Italy made to look like London), though most of the characters have a decidedly American accent. Confusing? The mild-mannered paleontologist Tony Farmes becomes "Puma Man"! He's often seen flying clumsily at a 60 degree angle with his rear-end up in the air in front of a film projection screen showing the London skyline.
His mentor Bediņio, an aztec in 70's bell-bottoms, teaches him the ways of the Puma. Bediņio, his name is actually cryptically spelled VALDINHO, runs a cult that consists of one member (him) which corresponds with ancient extraterestrials.
The film stars Donald Pleasence as the villainous "Dr. Kobras." He wants to take over the world by using a mind-controlling aztec mask that he stole from the "ancient ones" from its sacred resting place in the Andes mountains.
The film was resurrected by the American comedy show Mystery Science Theatre 3000 in 1998.

"You have the blood of the gods coming from other are The Puma Man." - Bediņio the Aztec